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heat recovery & air handling

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Quality heat recovery units for sale

Heat recovery units are supply and extract systems delivering filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale, stagnant air from the interior. Each unit will have a heat recovery element that can transfer the heat that would otherwise be lost from the warm extracted air into the incoming cold air flow. Our heat recovery systems can offer up to 90% efficiency, dramatically reducing your heating bill and environmental impact.

Wide range of products available in store ready for next day delivery

Reliable, efficient service as always from Noel and the team. Carried out a complete overhaul of our air handling system.

Brendan, Time Bar & Venue, (Cookstown – Belfast)

Handled the complete Air Conditioning and Ventilation installation for our own offices will definitely be involved in future projects.

Micheal McFall, Hollandale Projects ( Derry – Londonderry)

Duct Services have carried out all installation, maintenance, and cleaning of our canopy and extract systems in our shops across the UK and Ireland. Most competitive price for a high-quality job.

-Asim Sattar, Chickn Lickn ( Belfast – Dublin)